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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Upgrading Your Fleet’s 3G Technology

Whether you realize it or not, the sunset dates for 3G networks across all major providers are quickly approaching. Many fleets have expressed that they will take the “hurry up and wait” approach that was so popular around the country when ELDs were mandated only a few short years ago.

The times and situations are very different than they were in the not-so-distant past. And yet there are many similarities, like the fact that failing to upgrade your equipment could put your fleet out of commission from a compliance standpoint.

While remaining in compliance could be the biggest catalyst for your upgrade, it is far from the only thing that you should consider.

It’s Not Influenced By The FMCSA

One of the hallmarks of the ELD mandate was the constant back and forth between the powers that be and trucking companies. Many fleets pushed their luck knowing that there would be a period of time that would allow them to implement new technology and become FMCSA compliant, and some even did so with the assumption of a midnight hour reversal that simply never came.

This time around it is very different. Once the providers turn off 3G, it is done. There is no turning back. And as for a grace period, the FMCSA has already stated that fleets will have a maximum of 8 days to get in compliance.

While fleets of 5 trucks or less might not see that window as a challenge, getting trucks routed to a terminal and new technology implemented would be a huge disruption of business. This is assuming of course that you can even get the necessary equipment.

Vendors Will Be Flooded

Despite the differences, we have seen this scenario play out before. Approaching the ELD mandate, vendors were flooded as fleets realized that there wouldn’t be an injunction late in the mandate process. We are likely to see the exact same reaction by fleets that are rolling the dice, hoping that the providers push back their sunset dates just one more time.

The first time around, vendors were able to stockpile equipment knowing that ELD-Day was approaching. For most that will not be an option, this go-round.

The Worldwide Microchip Shortage

For the better part of the past two years, those in the technology industry have been entrenched in the worldwide microchip shortage. Fleets that have not gone through the process of procuring new equipment might not have been impacted, causing a false sense of security.

The chip shortage is very real, and there is a high likelihood that fleets that gamble on a late adoption are left in the cold. Should that happen, there is no guarantee that equipment will be made available within the 8-day window. In fact, many vendors are seeing much longer lead times despite the progress that chip manufacturers have made in recent months.

Set Your Fleet Up for Success

The time to wait has passed. If your fleet is still relying upon outdated technology, your next step should be to weigh your options. Those that are unsure of where to start can turn to the team at Argos Connected Solutions. We have helped fleets of all shapes and sizes upgrade their technology and future-proof their fleets over the past several years. Visit our website or connect with our team today to learn more about 4G and 5G options that can be quickly implemented.

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