Argos Connected Solutions provides fleets with an ease of mind knowing that their drivers and businesses are protected with Video Evidence. We also provide training and safety programs to ensure your fleet is fully compliant. Helping you improve safety, efficiency, and customer service while protecting your bottom line. All of our solutions are fully integrated and synced with the powerful Geotab Software platform. All of your data is in one convenient place.

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Lytx- Geotab Feature Focus

“Lytx and Geotab have partnered to offer the best of breed video solutions and the best telematics integrated in one easy-to-use platform. You’ll save time while efficiently managing your fleet”

Lytx Video Platform
Exception-based, in-cab, and road view video events with intelligent review to help you improve driving skills.

Lytx Risk Detection
Get the timely insights you need to help monitor fleet risk so you can decide how to address issues.

Lytx Driver Safety Program

Have more than 60 behaviors reviewed so you can coach your drivers to help them be aware of their risky habits on the road.

*Argos Connected Solutions is an authorized Lytx partner and does not manufacture equipment or service

See how Camera’s can make your fleet smarter and safer.

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