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Achieve Fleet Safety Through Gamification

Fleets are getting more and more creative when it comes to leveraging data. One of the fastest-growing applications is to tap into drivers’ competitive nature through gamification. Creating a healthy competition centered on driver safety can have a wide variety of benefits.

So what is gamification? And more importantly, does it work?

The simple answer is gamification is nothing more than a competition among your drivers. This can be set at a variety of intervals, but typically it happens on a monthly basis. When a company implements gamification, they essentially track and rank performance through points and leaderboards and may offer rewards or badges for achievements.

Because gamification focuses on good driving behavior, it can have a huge impact on your fleet’s overall performance.

Using Gamification In Your Fleet Management Strategy

It is no secret that each fleet vehicle is constantly producing a mountain of data. With gamification, the focus is placed on specific metrics, and the great thing is that with the Geotab universe this doesn’t require additional legwork from your operations team. So where do you begin?

Establish Core KPIs

Key performance indicators are generally the first step in setting up your fleet competition. Beginning with KPIs allows you to mold the competition to fleet-specific areas of need. Ideally, you will want to establish a number of data points that contribute to the driver’s overall score.

Review Data Regularly

Once you have KPIs updated, the data needs to be reviewed at a specific interval. This is where you can get creative. A common strategy is to pair monthly games with quarterly or annual. Doing so allows you the opportunity to reward drivers in a variety of ways and build your safety culture around the competition.

Make It Transparent

As with any competition, make it easy for drivers to see where they rank among their peers. Apps like The Driver Challenge by d2go offer easy-to-use ranking systems that tie directly into your MyGeotab platform. From there, make sure you celebrate those that are leading the pack and use the data to provide coachable moments for drivers that can improve.

Reward Your Drivers

Bragging rights are great, but take it a step further and reward your drivers for their safety performance. Our best advice for driver rewards, ask your drivers. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

Marketplace Add-Ins For Gamification

The Geotab Marketplace includes a variety of solutions that allow businesses to combine telematics and gamification to increase driver safety, customize driver coaching, and provide instant driver feedback. These solutions integrate seamlessly with MyGeotab to create a unified, holistic experience while collecting and communicating data.

Driver Scorecards

​​If you were not already aware, the Marketplace offers a Driver Safety Scorecard Add-In developed in-house at Geotab to help fleet managers track driver behavior and keep their data organized. Fleet managers can use the scorecard for gamification. The Driver Safety Scorecard is easy to understand as it uses the traffic light color system to group drivers into colors (green, yellow, and red). The colors represent where each driver is on the performance spectrum in comparison to the rest of your fleet.

Driver Challenge

The Driver Challenge by d2go is a gamification solution that works with the Geotab platform. The Driver Challenge leverages Geotab data to monitor and score driving behavior based on set KPIs. The mobile app and MyGeotab Add-In motivate and coaches drivers and also track trends to provide managers insight on what needs improvement and who merits recognition.

Fleet managers can pinpoint areas of improvement with the weekly and quarterly trend analysis. Printable fleet and driver report cards make it easy to share fleet performance results.

Mentor TSP

Another Geotab Marketplace solution for driver management and training is Mentor TSP, which connects your existing Geotab fleet management solution with eDriving’s driver risk management platform. When implemented in your fleet, this tool helps reduce incidents, collisions, motor vehicle record (MVR) license violations, and the total cost of fleet ownership.

Mentor TSP uses sensors to collect, analyze and score data on the driving behaviors most predictive of risk. These include acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, and phone distraction – one of the biggest threats to road safety today.

The Future of Fleet Management

Fleet management is rapidly evolving with more and more tools hitting the market every day. Gamification is just one example of the shift toward leveraging data in new and creative ways.

If you are interested in exploring gamification as part of your fleet management strategy or are simply exploring ways to improve, the Argos team is here to help. We have helped fleets of shapes and sizes improve fleet performance through technology and look forward to connecting.

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