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3 Ways Dash Cams Have Changed Fleet Safety

Fleet technology has exploded over the last few years and in particular, one area that has garnered attention is in the form of dash cameras. 10 years ago, there were only a limited number of providers and relatively few early adopters. Today, the number continues to grow and reshape how fleets are addressing safety concerns and mitigating risk.

Even then, your fleet might still be on the fence about implementing in-cab cameras. If that is the case, you would be joining roughly half of the fleets across the nation, but that number is beginning to dwindle. So why the push?

While there are a variety of different reasons to consider taking a closer look at dash cameras or even upgrading your older equipment, it really boils down to three areas that the technology can have an immediate impact.

Video Evidence

Where else did you think that we would start? Video evidence is likely the #1 reason that fleets look in the direction of dash cameras. As nuclear verdicts have risen, there has been a direct correlation in the rise of technology. Fleets are constantly looking for ways to mitigate risk, and being able to prove that your drivers are not at fault in the event of an accident is one of the best ways to protect your fleet.

Like most things, technology has improved in recent years and become much more intuitive. Every mile driven captures a variety of data points that can be relied upon should an accident occur.

Real-Time Driver Training

Risk mitigation can either be proactive or reactive. When dash cams first hit the market, fleets only had the option to be reactive. While that aspect of the technology still exists, proactive features like distracted driving notifications allow fleets to monitor and provide real-time training to drivers.

Driver-facing cameras constantly monitor and analyze the driver, when an issue is detected it sends up to the minute notifications to the fleet manager. This not only opens the door for corrective action but can also reduce claim costs in the event of an accident.

Data-Driven Fleet Decisions

Every piece of equipment that is out on the road is generating data. As mentioned above, technology has progressed past simple video. Dash cameras can provide valuable insights regarding fleet efficiency and even customer service.

The ability to instantly access any piece of equipment in your fleet allows you to make more informed decisions regarding equipment, your drivers, and more. When paired with other pieces of fleet management software it becomes easier to be proactive and have a clearer picture of what improvements need to be made.

Upgrading Your Fleet Technology

Dash camera technology continues to improve, and fleets are quickly realizing that they can provide instant ROI. Whether you are upgrading your fleet or adopting technology for the first time, know that you have a trusted partner in the Argos team. Connect with our team to learn more about our suite of products.

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