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DashCams - Why You Should Only Invest If You Care About Fleet Safety

The surge of technology over the past decade has changed the way that fleets operate on a daily basis, and the trend shows little signs of slowing down. Dash cams are among the latest group to infiltrate the industry, with over 65% of fleets have now adopted these intuitive safety tools into their operation.

Although adoption has surged in recent years, many fleets have bucked the trend, opting to keep the technology out of their vehicles. Late adopters frequently cite driver privacy and retention as reasons to avoid investing in the newer technology.

There are enough of the major providers telling you reasons that you should consider implementing in-cab cameras, so we are going to go the opposite direction if only to mix things up a bit.

5 Reasons You Might Choose to Avoid DashCams

Sometimes it is good to play devil's advocate if only to gain a different perspective. You don’t have to look far to find reasons to invest in dashcam technology, so let's walk through some scenarios that might allow you to justify the expense and headache of one more piece of fleet technology.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Fleet Safety

Look we get it, some fleets have a rock-solid safety program, and the thought of disrupting that can be a concern. If you are in this boat, you might feel as though you are virtually untouchable when it comes to nuclear verdicts.

These devastating lawsuits have increased by 1000% since 2010, prompting most fleets to adopt new measures, like dashcams to help mitigate the risk. The harsh truth is that no fleet is truly exempt from risk, but having video testimonials at your disposal can exonerate drivers and help fleets avoid fleet-killing settlements.

You Want to Avoid the Added Expense

Being budget-conscious is a great thing, and fleets have been looking for ways to reduce operational costs since the first wagon was invented. Rising fuel costs, higher driver pay, and a host of other compounding expenses can make even the most financially responsible fleets look for areas to save money.

Where many fleets fall short is in viewing dashcams as an expense, as opposed to an investment. You invest in new equipment, maintenance, and driver training. Is safety exempt from investment?

You Trust Your Drivers

Drivers are an extension of your business and ultimately your brand, and yours are the best. Sound familiar? Most fleets will tell you that they have the best drivers in the country. So what makes one driver better than the next? Fleets that frequently receive safety awards still only see around 5 percent of their drivers reach one million safe miles.

Drivers are human, they will make mistakes. Dashcams can be great tools for corrective behavior, including harsh braking, near misses, and recognition of avoidable accidents. Could you be missing the opportunity to make your drivers better?

Customer Service Is Not a Concern

Customer service might be a departure from the safety side of dash cams, but how are you ensuring that your drivers are delivering exceptional customer service? Perhaps you have never received a complaint.

But what happens when a freight partner cancels a contract out of the blue? Creative fleets are using dash cams to monitor driver behavior when they are engaging with customers, even outside of the truck (when in view).

You're Concerned About Retaining Drivers

Driver recruiting is only getting harder, and the thought of losing drivers due to technology could cripple your business. It makes sense on the surface, and at a time when spot rates are soaring it would be hard to digest. But what would you be losing?

The expectation that your entire fleet will walk out the door is a bit far-fetched. The drivers that might walk away are the ones that are most likely to drive distracted, cause accidents, and put your fleet in jeopardy. Wouldn’t it be better to replace that driver with one that embraces your safety culture and champions your fleet?

Finding a DashCam Provider

Anytime new technology is being explored, there will be concerns. That caution is natural but fleets can become paralyzed by fear and miss out on tools that have the ability to revolutionize their safety program. Acknowledging that there are areas of improvement is the first step to solving any issue. Partnering with a trusted provider is the next.

The Argos Connected Solutions team is the trusted source for fleets looking to adopt a range of safety-based technology. Years of experience in every corner of the transportation industry have resulted in our team looking at technology through a unique lens. If you would like to learn more about dashcam technology, or any other solutions to improve fleet safety, schedule a consultation today.

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