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Theft Prevention and Recovery With Telematics

Peace of mind is one of the few things discussed when most fleets are purchasing new telematics. Most providers avoid the theft conversation at all costs, but fleet managers know that it is simply part of the business, so why shy away from the discussion?

The surprising thing is that all of the fancy bells and whistles that come along with modern fleet technology serve a variety of purposes, which include preventing theft and aiding in recovery. The fact of the matter is that theft management is just another cog in the fleet management wheel.

Tools To Help Deter Theft And Aid In Recovery

So how can you leverage your fleet technology to help prevent theft? After all, no one likes to lose control of their fleet assets. Those disruptions in business cost you time and money. But sometimes leaving equipment unattended on the worksite after hours is the best option.

Asset Tracking – GPS has been around for years and has become a staple for fleet managers across the country. With the primary focus of GPS centered on on-road activity for the sake of productivity, theft prevention frequently becomes an afterthought.

Many vehicles come equipped with basic GPS, but the overwhelming majority of this technology is only able to pull a location manually once a theft has occurred.

Systems like Geotab now provide users the ability to set up real-time alerts to help with after-hour monitoring. In the event that a piece of equipment starts moving when it shouldn’t be, “rule exception” alters will be triggered.

Geofencing – Similar to motion-activated alarms, geofencing can provide an added layer of security. This can be particularly useful if you know that equipment might be moved around your construction site after hours or if your fleet has a predetermined route that it frequently uses.

Instead of getting a general movement alert, it will only be triggered should the asset move beyond a predetermined boundary. Unauthorized movements are constantly being collected within the data center of your platform giving you deeper fleet management insights.

On-Demand Video – Cameras are one of the most effective ways to deter vehicle theft, if only because they are highly visible. Couple visibility with instant access to the video feed, and you have an extremely effective system of securing your assets.

Newer technology offers fleet managers a 360-degree view of each piece of equipment, as opposed to just forward-facing dash cameras. Pair cameras with GPS or geofencing for a well-rounded theft prevention platform.

Remote Disable – All of the previously mentioned technologies are reactive. Yes they are great a helping you monitor and manage assets, but having a tool at your disposal that allows you to disable the engine is a game-changer. Enter Geotab Keyless.

This option creates virtual keys that only allow authorized users to bypass the built-in starter inhibit functionality. Even if a would-be thief gains access to the vehicle, they wouldn’t be able to start the engine.

Step Up Your Theft Prevention Game

Whether you are a fleet of 5 or 5,000, each asset is valuable and should be protected. Don’t rely on basic OEM functionality or leave your equipment’s safety to luck. Instead integrate tools like those outlined above to keep your fleet safe. Those interested in taking their fleet security game to the next level need to look no further than the Argos Connected team.

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